Things of Note / 04

Pink Peony 2016 © Renae Smith
Pink Peony 2016 © Renae Smith
Pink Peony 2016 © Renae Smith

Oh, yeh-ya Friday! I'm ready for the weekend more than anything today, this week has felt loooong. What about you? I hope you have had a great week?

It was International Women's Day on Wednesday, and I believe acknowledging the people in our lives that we love, admire or gain inspiration from, should happen every day, not just on one particular day. Many women inspire me day in and day out just by having the courage to do whatever it is that speaks to their heart. So thank you - not just for Wednesday, but today and every day for getting up and doing it all over again, because sometimes that alone can be half the struggle.

One woman though who I don't express my love and appreciation enough to, or get to see as much as I would like, is my beautiful mum.

Mum, thank you. 
Thank you for being the first woman to inspire me. For teaching me how to be strong from within, to be silly, to be selfless, to make the most of every situation, to push through the uncomfortable to only gain so much more. For continuing to inspire me and show me just how strong a woman you are, you have always set the bar high. Even as recent as last year (I never told you but should've at the time) that your strength, especially given the circumstances, made me so proud of the woman you are. I love you.

Wishing all of you beautiful women, near and far a wonderful weekend - enjoy the links below.

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