Things of Note / 06

White Magnolia © Renae Smith
White Magnolia © Renae Smith
White Magnolia © Renae Smith

Hello. How are you? I hope that you have had a great week? It's been a little colder this week with sunny days coupled with temperatures dropping as the weather settles into another season. Without a doubt, though, spring has sprung with magnolia trees blossoming and cherry blossom petals littering the pavement, so I certainly can't complain!

It goes without saying that the heart is a little heavier at the end of this week compared to last. The events of Wednesday afternoon in Westminster was a shock; I was on my way home on the tube from East London, and as my train passed through Westminster station without stopping I was unaware it was because of everything that had unfolded up above a few hours earlier.  It breaks my heart; no one deserves to have their life taken away from them for just simply going about their day, my thoughts go out to anyone involved or affected in any way. 

Just a few links this week posted with love, laughter and kindness because I don't know about you, but I could always do with more of each!  Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

+   on repeat: lost in the light, by bahamas 

+   a visual treat: this series of aerial images over south africa by zach seckler

+   for the home: the press pour over brewer