Things of Note / 08

Hello! How are you? Another week, another month! July! Oh My! A client I spoke to last week mentioned he had just received his first Christmas booking for the year. Yep, I guess we're at that point. I keep thinking it's only June, which is great in some ways not so much for the upcoming deadlines I have!

I've got some great links to share this week, which I'm only just realising has an Australian feel to it, maybe it's the summer weather we've been having that's taking me back - in any case, get stuck in! I hope you have a wonderful weekend. 

+   a visual treat: this road trip through australia by ben walton, makes me nostalgic for my childhood

+   for the collection: it's beautiful here it certainly is, megan morton's latest book

+   liking the idea of: thelightphone

+  aroundtheword: the seven wonders of vsco

+   on repeat: the time is now by moloko

+   interesting to watch: learning to work with your inner critic

+   yes: creating discomfort by seth godin

+   added to the travel wishlist: this gem in tasmania via est