Things of Note / 09

Hello, how are you? I hope that you have had a great week. As another month rolls around, my head is still largely in Greece, in particular at the Casa Cook Hotel in Rhodes a few weeks ago, where I took the images above. 
Since arriving back, I've been a little torn between wanting it to be hot while being ok with it being a cooler and rainy with a whole swag of editing I've had to do, plus I always long for a big summer storm.

Anyway, rain or shine, I hope you have a wonderful weekend wherever you are. Just a few links below to share this week, I hope you enjoy. 

+   on repeat: wishing girl by lola marsh

+   to read/listen: four pieces of wisdom from rosa park via the do lectures

+   bookmarked: the best design bookstores by 99u

+   yes please: west elm took over a house in palm springs and you can rent it




+   loved listening to: jessica murnane recounting the process of landing a book deal from start to finish in this podcast (her dad's rendition of 'let it go' still makes me giggle)

+   inspiring to learn more about the architect behind this years serpentine pavilion

+   made me laugh: pricetitution, everyone has a price